Climate Change is here – and NOW!


Al Gore responding to the standing ovation at TED for his new slide show back in 2008 (Image: Steve Jurvetson/Wiki Commons)

When I was doing a final check of the latest statistics on global warming for the hardback edition of my book I realised that our old media print publication simply could not keep up with the flood of new evidence. That, of course, is why Grandpa Whyte has taken to blogging: to continue tracking the latest updates which bring almost daily proof that our planet has reached a critical stage.

I’m interested to discover an online interview with Al Gore which makes that point. In Al Gore: Optimist?, Michael Grunwald describes how the ‘recovering politician’ is adapting his world-famous slide show to accommodate the latest facts. Since 2005 the man who missed out on the White House in 2000 has been ‘schlepping around the world to try to save it’ …and apparently he now believes we have reached a tipping point. Grunwald writes:

The big difference in the updated version of the slide show is that a decade ago, Gore mostly warned about what could happen. Now he shows what’s already happening.

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